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Optimize your brand online so you can
get more business.

I help business owners gain visibility and trust online with crystal-clear copy, websites, and social media.

Lyndee Pfaffenbach - Lyndee Marie Marketing Digital Freelancer
Building A Presence Online Is Exhausting.

Today, people are researching, following, and vetting businesses online before buying. But…

Building a presence online is exhausting.

Between endless directions and aimlessly picking, you end up…

❌ lost
❌ confused
❌ and giving up.

And you never build trust with the people who need you the most.

Make building trust online effortless.

Work with a clarity-focused Marketer

At Lyndee Marie Marketing, I use time-tested frameworks to create crystal-clear copy for your website, social media, and online marketing material. Together, we will develop a strategy that is easy to implement, follow, and grow. 

Make Building Trust Online Effortless.

Focus Your Efforts · Build Trust · Get more business

I recently worked with Lyndee Marie Marketing, and it was an amazing experience! Lyndee is an extremely knowledgeable marketing consultant and professional. Lyndee was able to quickly understand my needs and turn them into clear, concise messaging that resonated with my target audience. Her attention to detail and creativity exceeded all my expectations, and I'm incredibly grateful for her help in taking my brand and message to the next level. If you're looking for top-notch marketing services, look no further than Lyndee Marie Marketing!
Lyndee Marie Marketing - Digital Marketing Freelancer for Small Business

Hey, I'm Lyndee

I'm a quirky, curly haired, midwest girl.
I gotta have my cold brew, yoga, and steady stream of books to read to survive.
I live for summers when I can get my hands in the dirt.
And I believe taking action online requires clarity and taking leaps.

Too many influencers out there are trying to sell business owners on strategies that will “work for them,” and either we freeze and do nothing or aimlessly try them all with no results.

And then we lose out on potential customers.

Because today, the first thing people do when looking for a solution to their problem is jump online to research brands. That research leads to building trust. But when you are not found or have an unclear message, trust doesn’t even exist.

Building trust online doesn’t have to be this hard.

I help create a world where it is possible for customers to trust you.

A world where your website clearly reflects the problems you solve.
A world where your online presence clearly provides value.
A world where people want to do business with you.

I use my 14 years of working in the digital marketing industry to discover what actions and leaps work for you. We work 1:1 to create copy that reflects your brand, plus find the online strategy that moves your business forward.

Whether you’re a small business, new brand, or solopreneur, you can find your audience online, build trust, and get more business.

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